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What the heck is ‘CMMA’ (you ask)?!?


Client Management &
Marketing Automation

Clientsss – the groundbreaking CMMA tool for Small to Medium Businesses


It looks after & grows your business’s most valuable asset. You know… clients

Secure 2FA client communications, reminders & automation


Online reviews, referrals & testimonials… & so much more

Client reminders & automated marketing emails

Secure 2FA portal with file sharing & private messaging

All-in-one marketing automation for SMEs

Automated newsletter creation & sending

Automated social media post creation from curated articles

Online Reviews, Testimonials & Referrals

We play well with others…

Microsoft Outlook

Google Calendar

Google Drive






You can be the best at what you do… but you won’t earn what you deserve if you aren’t don’t also systematically communicate with and market yourself to existing and potential clients.

That’s where Clientsss comes in, to be the missing piece…

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  • Try it out. 90 day money back guarantee

From just $390 per user, per month. See the long list of features you get right here…

No, these are not real Clientsss users. But they look so happy…!

And if you aren’t happy using Clientsss, you are backed by our 90 day money back guarantee!


Relevant content and constant online reputation building is critical

Our AI-curated content can find, filter, and repost dozens of relevant articles per month to help your ranking & help attract potential new clients. Our online reviews module farms more reviews and more ratings for you…


Content marketing is 4 times more dollar productive that advertising

Content is king. But creating content is time consuming. So is curating it – UNLESS you have access to our amazing AI-curated content features!

Want to see even MORE features? Check them out right here…

Retention. Upselling. Referrals

Quick & easy to get started

Choose your own adventure

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  • Try it out. 90 day money back guarantee

  • Please note that pricing quoted does not include initial set-up fees and app customization fees, which start at $2500 per client
  • All prices are ex gst